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Promotion of Competitive Wrestling

The Marshfield Wrestling Club is dedicated to the promotion of competitive wrestling in the Marshfield School District through the development of a variety of wrestling techniques, weight training and proper nutrition. The club also emphasizes and teaches the need for self discipline on and off the mat and facilitates wrestling throughout variety of mental and physical toughness exercises.


When you hear Marshfield Wrestling, it’s impossible not to think of Jerry Lang. In 1985, Jerry helped form the Youth Wrestling Program. In his 30+ years of involvement with the program, he served as club president, board member, youth wrestling tournament director, and coach; paving the foundation and creating by-laws that were instrumental in the overall success of the program. From arranging youth wrestlers on a float in the Dairy Fest parade to planning organized travel to out of town tournaments, Jer extended the program well beyond the fieldhouse and made the youth program feel more like a family; creating bonds and lifelong friendships. The silver-tongued farmer was the voice of the Tigers, announcing the high school wrestling matches for years and sharing that passion with his son Don, former Head Varsity Wrestling coach, who followed in his father’s footsteps and became the announcer for the Tiger grapplers. Jer instilled his enthusiasm and love for the sport in all of his sons as each of them were involved with youth, middle and high school programs at various levels. Marshfield wrestling would not be the same if it was not for Jerry’s enthusiastic, go-getter, genuine and charismatic disposition. It’s no wonder Jerry was a recipient of the Ultimate Tiger Award, as he exemplifies what the award stands for. Jer’s dedication to Marshfield Wrestling is unmeasurable and will forever leave an imprint on the ever evolving Marshfield Wrestling program.State wrestling and every Marshfield wrestling competition will be just a little bit quieter from here on out. Jer might not have been a wrestler but one would never know judging by his big ears and passionate yelling and screaming for all Marshfield wrestlers. ...
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